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Wafer Process Systems Inc. is a wet bench company that is a leading supplier of wet chemical process equipment to the semiconductor, MEMS, photonics, solar cell, RFID, disc drive and flat panel display manufacturing industries since 1983.

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wet bench company with wafers

A Wet Bench Company

Wafer Process Systems Inc. is conveniently located off of Old Hillsdale Avenue near Capitol Expressway and Snell Avenue intersection. We are located 10 miles (17 minute drive) south of San Jose International Airport off of Freeway 87 and Capitol Expressway.


Name: Douglas Caldwell
Phone: (408) 445-3010
Fax: (408) 445-3004
Email: doug@waferprocess.com


Wafer Process Systems, Inc.
3641 Charter Park Drive
San Jose, CA 95136