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Optional Features & Additional Services

Wafer Process Systems Inc.  performs in field modifications to existing equipment to accommodate process changes and/or safety and upgrades for our customers existing equipment without the need of extensive cost associated with the removal of existing equipment and installation of new equipment.

Optional Features

  • Access coded process operation requires Operator ID (Numeric), Recipe Select (Numeric), Product Lot Identification (Alfa-Numeric), Chemical Data (Manufacturer, Lot Identification, Mixture Ratio, and Date of Dispense).
  • Data logging of all PLC based controls.
  • Microprocessor based Graphical User Interface with real time data acquisition and control.
  • Automatic Bulk Chemical Dispense.
  • Vertical HEPA or ULPA laminar flow air filtration.
  • FM Approved 304 stainless steel constructed weldment with #4 finished and integral secondary containment plenum.
  • FM Approved 316 stainless steel constructed weldment with mirror polished finished and integral secondary containment plenum.
  • FM Approved CO2 Flame Suppression System with Dual Mode UV/IR flame detectors.


Additional Services
Wafer Process Systems Inc. can provide retrofit or up grade services to your existing wet bench to  accommodate your new process requirements.

  • Is your equipment operating properly? If not contact Wafer Process Systems Inc. to schedule a field service engineer to visit your facility and evaluate your current equipment issues.
  • Are you having trouble contacting your original equipment supplier for service related issues?
  • Are you experiencing any of the following equipment related issues?
      • Programming or software related issues.
      • Rebuilding your pneumatic pumps every month.
      • Equipment leaking.
  • Need periodic maintenance on your existing equipment.


If you answered “Yes” to any of the above items, give WPS a call.